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ONLINE Model Bootcamp

Always been told YOU SHOULD model but don’t know where to START? 

Start right HERE! 

COACHING BY rmm university

Our experts will give you the skills and confidence to rock the runway and radiate on camera!

  1. How to start, who will be the best fit for me, where to start even if you are under 5’7 or don’t live in a big city. RMM will also give you guidance on what to include in your portfolio.

2. How to overcome stage fright and shyness, how to be confident to send your pictures to agencies. How to not give up and continue after a number of rejections.

3. Model Instagram Course Getting noticed by agencies on instagram, how to find the right photographer to work with that will help you where you need to be. Your first jobs. Resources such as a list of trustworthy agency in your city, what to wear to castings and more!

Especially during the Quarantine, agencies are looking online for new faces! But how do you stand out? How can you take the right pictures? How to pose? Well.. let’s start at the beginning! Let’s get YOU singed!

Learn how to become a model without feeling insecure! It’s not necessarily a job you can walk into. You have to prepare yourself, know how to walk the runway, not feeling awkward in front of a camera. Get professional guidance to help you succeed. From Rich Money Models University, who trained models for the biggest agencies in the world (Next, Wilhelmina, Ford). And now we have opened our classes not only for professional models but also aspiring models ONLINE. “We want to make you excited instead of nervous!” Get Runway Ready!

During the Online Model Bootcamp you will learn:

* How to get scouted online

* How to make best poses, control facial expressions

* How to make great portfolio pictures

* How to feel Confident stepping into the industry

* How to Walk Confident on the runway

* How to use instagram for modeling

* All the Secrets the model industry

Private coaching

What Will You Learn In Your Private Model Coaching?

The number one key to Modeling is confidence. I know it takes time, I’ve been there, but it is the golden goose to success — especially in Modeling. It’s the reason some Models, who we might not consider more attractive or as tall or a “typical” Model succeed. Confidence is energy and it spreads like beautiful ripples in a pond. It’s everything.

That’s what makes this Private Coaching so special because, in addition to confidence, We are going to teach you the Ins & Outs of the business side of Modeling as well as:

  • Walking a Runway Powerfully and Confidently
  • Perfecting Posture and Undeniable Poise
  • Compiling Incredible Portfolio Pictures
  • Controlling Facial Expressions to Convey Tone
  • Conquering Castings with Confidence
  • Succeeding in Modeling Using Instagram

Your Model side is within you. She’s ready to be seen. Together, let’s unleash her upon the world!


Rich Money Models University actually care about your
walk, and about you improving. I really appreciate that.
I’ve learned to be powerful and be strong
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Rich Money Models , Jamaica

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