Fashion models

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Welcome to the “World of Modeling, Online Self-Paced Class”!  This course is designed for models who have a unique look and have a chance to be competitive as a fashion model with a little training.  Taking a class with other models can be intimidating.  You are comparing yourself to other models, while evaluating the agent’s opinion of everyone.  This online course takes the stigma out of competing for the training you need to be successful as a model.  The course will also give you an insight to what you can expect to encounter as a professional model, understand the language used specifically in modeling, as well as help you navigate the business toward seizing a successful career as a model.  The best part is you can repeat whatever segments of the course you need to without the worry of feeling you are holding up anyone else in your class.  If you are a model, always wanted to do this, but just needed a little help, this is the perfect class for you!


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